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Fastex® Gun Grease


This gun grease is not like other gun greases. We think it's the gun grease other greases wish they could be. It contains Fastex® surface modifier for superior corrosion resistance and improved extreme pressure performance.

Fastex® surface modifier technology creates superior friction reduction and corrosion resistance with extreme pressure operating features and provides long-term protection when there is a "delay in cleaning"...

This gun grease can be used on all moving parts, including hinge pins and bearing parts on sporting clay traps (launchers).

As you probably guessed but we have to say anyway, the normal good practice of keeping greases and oils away from any wood should be followed religiously or better.

Remember to also grease the small parts of your gun, as Fastex Gun Grease has been specifically developed to protect against thermal, atmospheric, salt and fresh water damage.


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